Why TaxKC

18 April 1930 is the date when BBC announced “there is no news for today”. Dozens of years later, we will never expect again for such announcement. Every day, we are facing a tremendous volume of Business news. In particular, news connected with tax matters are increasingly expanding. While some of the tax updates are widely available, some others may require specific monitoring diligences with respect to the gathering, reliability check, screening and translation of data. Such specific diligences are mostly required when the matters relate to emerging and developing countries. Never mind! TaxKC provides customized tax intelligence services with a particular focus on Africa and Middle East, under our Make Your Magazine scheme.

Much more than a data provider, TaxKC is a Know How provider. We provide coaching services and technical assistance during professional tax assignments. Also, our services extend to academic and other studies reports which involve tax matters. TaxKC aims to provide guidance and supports in order to acquire tax knowledge and capabilities. You will never walk alone.

Further, TaxKC speaks your language. Aware of languages gaps and specificities of tax glossary, TaxKC provides translation of documents and it even participates as translators during meetings or professional assignments.

This is not the end. We eager to remain at your disposal to discuss further all areas where we can provide you with our tax expertise.

Sincerely yours.

TaxKC Management