Our services

TaxKC provides tax knowledge support covering particularly Middle East & Africa. Our enabling services are not merely limited to the tax legislations and practice. They also extend to the provision of assistance throughout specific professional tax assignments (tax audit, tax due diligence, benchmarking…) and tax research work. More specifically, our main aim is to:

  • keep our members up-to-date with the most recent tax developments
  • help our members getting insights on the tax rules and practice relating to specific jurisdictions or business industries:
  • Provide coaching services and technical assistance when undertaking professional assignments or crafting research and studies reports which involve tax matters.
  • Bridge languages gaps of our members via the provision of translation services (translation of operational documents and tax regulations as well as translation assistance during meetings / assignments)

Our team is delighted to discuss further your expectations. Please send your questions at the following email address: contact@taxkc.com